Insurance Discount

Save Up to 40% Off on Your Private Rental Insurance

To list a car for rent on our platform, you need to have private rental insurance, which is ONLY offered by ICWI through Fraser Fontaine & Kong agency. Cars will still be insured in the private category but with an added private rental component.

With the discount, you could potentially not see an increase when compared to your current insurance premium, it all depends on the criteria for your policy.

Once insured with ICWI to rent privately, it is required that you rent your car exclusively through the Rent Yuh Ride platform i.e. no offline transactions. Failure to abide by this rule (getting a discount then renting somewhere else) will result in consequences and/or removal from the platform.

Call (876) 960-0605, and select option #5 to speak with the insurance agency for more details.