The First 40 Verified Car Owners Get US$200 After 90 Days

  1. First 20 listed & verified car owners from Kingston and 20 listed & verified car owners from the other parishes, at least one each

  2. Follow the 2 Easy Steps to Rent or List: Step 1 and Step 2B

  3. Must abide by our Terms of Service, in particularly the insurance clause that states: "Car owners on the platform must be insured with ICWI through the agency Fraser Fontaine & Kong. This will provide a discount of up to 40% off and it is required that owners rent exclusively through the Rent Yuh Ride platform i.e. no offline transactions. Failure to abide by this rule (getting a discount then renting somewhere else) will result in consequences and/or removal from the platform. Call (876) 960-0605, and select option #5 to speak with insurance agency for more details. 

  4. Must remain in good standing for the 90-day period, have complete availability (i.e. no blackout dates) and no booking request cancellations

2 Easy Steps to Rent or List